Monday, November 14, 2005

To 17 kilometres of Ourense, between the "Sierra da Martiñá" and the mount of Orbán it settles the council of Vilamarín. It limti to the north with the council of Carballedo, to the east with " A Peroxa", to the south with Amoeiro and to the west with "San Cristobo de Cea". It has an extension of 52km2, understanding the parishes of Boimorto, Pazos de Montes, Orbán,León, Reádegos, Sobreira, Tamallancos and Vilamarín.
The toponym of Vilamarín or "Villka Marini" speaks to us for a name of a possesor, Marinus or of the times of the king Alfonso XIII at the end of the century IX.
In the council of Vilamarín therea are following "PAZOS":
Pazo of Vilamarín: it's located in the parish of Vilamarín, built on rock and highlighting about a geography of little relief, being distinguished as the most important of Ourense.
The plant seems like in its geometric formulation to a hexagon streched with defense towers. Three of the towers they're of circular section, another semicircular turret added in the main facade. To both sides there are figured shields with the weapons of Vilamarin's family.
In the interior several dependences exist and there is a gallery too.
In the enviroment other constructions like wooden "cabeceiros" and a chapel exist.
There are other "pazos" as " Pazo of Sobreira, Tamallancos and Orbán"
About craft and gastronomy, the day 28 of every month take place a gastronomic typycal party in which highlights the meat to the boiler and the octopus. It is also of highlighting the presence of a factory of sausages with the speciality of hard pork sausage.
There are special manifestations too. The tradicionals uses of the Galiciam field mark the life and the festival cycle of the year. The parties of the parishes have today secular slope of religious party and profane party with central moment of abundant food in family and later music and dance.
At the end, Vilamarín is a beautiful place where you can enjoy very much with all things which you can see there.
I wait that you visit it and Iwait that you like it.


At 3:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that you have a lot of reason, because Vilamarín is a marvalleous place. People there are very nice and the place is very comfortable. Ihave a friend who lives there and when i went to Vilamarin I enjoyed very much. I saw the "Pazo " and it is very beautiful, it's very big and the place is very care.
Congratulations for your article!!

At 3:57 AM, Blogger E. Sailor said...

In my opinion this article is very good!you say us the most beautiful places of Vilamarín. I think that "The Martiñá" is the most interesting place and when it snow is really beautiful.I agree with you. CONGRATULATIONS!

At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Diego Sánchez said...

I studied cooking in the Vilamarin Institute, and I agree with your description, but I think that Villamarin has an important trouble, the tourist infrastructure. There aren’t restaurants, accommodation offer, tourist office,... In this way, the tourist only can visit this land for a morning or an afternoon and don’t expend his money, therefore don’t product profit or benefit for the local population.


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