Monday, November 21, 2005

Maritime-earthly Nacional Park
The archipelago is situated in the center of the Southern coast of Galicia, protecting the entry of Pontevedra´s estuary. This archipelago has two islands: Ons and Onza. Ons is the main and biggest island and it is very well prepared and cared by some persons who live there all the year.
You can arrive to the island by ship.There are several companies that join some seaside villages with the island.
You can spend there the time you want because you have hostels, little houses and apartments for rent and a free camping to camp there. If you want to stay in the camping, you´ll have to renew your card each week. Before going to the island you´ll have to ask in the shipping companies if there is place for you. But if you to decide stay there, don´t expect too much about it, because it hasn´t got grass but soil, and the toilets and showers are not too clean. However if you go with friends you can spend a wonderful stay. The encamped zone is open since the first July until the thirtieth September.
Along the coast there are several beaches where you can get tanned, swim in the sea or stroll by the sand. Some of them, like Melide´s beach, are for nudists. This is one of the best beaches of the island.There are three ways that go through the island that allow you to enjoy the beautiful sights, like the sundown, the flora and the different birds of the zone. Along these ways you can see other things too, like the Hell´s Hole (Burato do Inferno), a never ending hole in the rocks.
Although it´s a small island, at night people get together in the three or four bars of the island. Don´t forget to carry a torch or a lantern if you have to go up to the camping because there isn´t lighting along the path.


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Ons is a very small island situated in the Atlantic Ocean. It is known because of its wonderful landscape. The beaches are beautiful although the sea is colder than in the rest of Galicia.
As it is located in the coast, the typical food is shellfish and fish. The most famous meals are octopus (they prepare it on a special way) and ray.
There are a lot of people who choose Ons for their holidays. Campisites are always full and you must make your reserve in advance.
Definitely, Ons is a fantastic place to spend your summer holidays and have fun with your friends.


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