Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Combarro,a place with delight

I love many places but the coast of Galicia is a very special area for me.
Last summer I discovered one of the most idyllic places in the world, Combarro, a little village situated in the south coast of Galicia.
It is a pleasure for your senses where its wonderful beach and nature landscape, a fine temperature and an excellent gastronomy turn Combarro into one of most visited regions in Galicia.
This place was declared National Monument between other things for its beautiful fishing port and its more than 30 horreos of stone, one of the maximum popular architecture expressions ,that you couldn´t forget.
The houses of Combarro were constructed on rocks to take advantage of fertile earth to the maximum, and what´s more they´re constructed near the sea so when the high tide the water arrives until
the beginning of the street.
Another typical element of Galicia that you can to visit in Combarro are the numerous cruceiros reflect of religious fervor of this villa conservated during years in perfect state .
For all this, I think that Combarro is probably the best place to enjoy the tradition and the landscape of Galicia.
It´s, so, for me, a place wiht delight . And you, what do you think about it?

Ana godás

Monday, November 21, 2005

Maritime-earthly Nacional Park
The archipelago is situated in the center of the Southern coast of Galicia, protecting the entry of Pontevedra´s estuary. This archipelago has two islands: Ons and Onza. Ons is the main and biggest island and it is very well prepared and cared by some persons who live there all the year.
You can arrive to the island by ship.There are several companies that join some seaside villages with the island.
You can spend there the time you want because you have hostels, little houses and apartments for rent and a free camping to camp there. If you want to stay in the camping, you´ll have to renew your card each week. Before going to the island you´ll have to ask in the shipping companies if there is place for you. But if you to decide stay there, don´t expect too much about it, because it hasn´t got grass but soil, and the toilets and showers are not too clean. However if you go with friends you can spend a wonderful stay. The encamped zone is open since the first July until the thirtieth September.
Along the coast there are several beaches where you can get tanned, swim in the sea or stroll by the sand. Some of them, like Melide´s beach, are for nudists. This is one of the best beaches of the island.There are three ways that go through the island that allow you to enjoy the beautiful sights, like the sundown, the flora and the different birds of the zone. Along these ways you can see other things too, like the Hell´s Hole (Burato do Inferno), a never ending hole in the rocks.
Although it´s a small island, at night people get together in the three or four bars of the island. Don´t forget to carry a torch or a lantern if you have to go up to the camping because there isn´t lighting along the path.

Monday, November 14, 2005

To 17 kilometres of Ourense, between the "Sierra da Martiñá" and the mount of Orbán it settles the council of Vilamarín. It limti to the north with the council of Carballedo, to the east with " A Peroxa", to the south with Amoeiro and to the west with "San Cristobo de Cea". It has an extension of 52km2, understanding the parishes of Boimorto, Pazos de Montes, Orbán,León, Reádegos, Sobreira, Tamallancos and Vilamarín.
The toponym of Vilamarín or "Villka Marini" speaks to us for a name of a possesor, Marinus or of the times of the king Alfonso XIII at the end of the century IX.
In the council of Vilamarín therea are following "PAZOS":
Pazo of Vilamarín: it's located in the parish of Vilamarín, built on rock and highlighting about a geography of little relief, being distinguished as the most important of Ourense.
The plant seems like in its geometric formulation to a hexagon streched with defense towers. Three of the towers they're of circular section, another semicircular turret added in the main facade. To both sides there are figured shields with the weapons of Vilamarin's family.
In the interior several dependences exist and there is a gallery too.
In the enviroment other constructions like wooden "cabeceiros" and a chapel exist.
There are other "pazos" as " Pazo of Sobreira, Tamallancos and Orbán"
About craft and gastronomy, the day 28 of every month take place a gastronomic typycal party in which highlights the meat to the boiler and the octopus. It is also of highlighting the presence of a factory of sausages with the speciality of hard pork sausage.
There are special manifestations too. The tradicionals uses of the Galiciam field mark the life and the festival cycle of the year. The parties of the parishes have today secular slope of religious party and profane party with central moment of abundant food in family and later music and dance.
At the end, Vilamarín is a beautiful place where you can enjoy very much with all things which you can see there.
I wait that you visit it and Iwait that you like it.


Bretoña is a small town located in the north of the province of Lugo, close to the coast. Bretoña is a very interesting town for its history, that´s related with the civilization of the celts; in fact, it´s possible to find nowadays historical rests of the celts in an d near Bretoña. In order to recover the culture of our ancestors, a group of young people from Bretoña ( now, cultural asociation " Auruxeira" ) decided to organize several things to make it possible. The most important one is the celtic party: it´s celebrated in August every year, and it is an autentic reflex of the celtic world: celtic weddings, celtic dinner, celtic clothes, celtic legends... and a lot of things related with the celtic culture. Everybody who go there always decide to go back the next year, so I recommend everybody to go next year; I´m sure you will like it.
We also do other things to promote the celtic culture, as publishing a magazine every year, organizing meetings with expert people... and we have our own webside:, where you can see a lot of photographs about the party and the celtic world.

Ribadavia is situated in the South of Galicia (Northwest Spain), between the cities of Ourense and Vigo. Ribadavia is the capital of the historic Ribeiro region, where they produce the famous wine so appreciated and enjoyed.

Ribadavia is the ideal place to enjoy a glass of wine and the delicious cuisine of the Ribeiro,enjoy typical products of the Ribeiro region: chorizo (sausage), octopus “á feira”, peppers from Arnoia, “rosquillas” and “melindres”... accompanied of course with the best wines.
The historic centre was declared a Site of Special Cultural Interest, and it is here where you can find a network of traditional medieval streets.

Ribadavia has been habited by different peoples and civilisations along the history, It is the setting of important international celebrations and events in the year, such as the Ribeiro wine festival , the International Theatre Festival... but my favourite is the Festival of History. In this festival, for one day Ribadavia goes back in time to the Middle Ages, to a time when Ribadavia was the capital of the Kingdom of Galicia. The people dress in typical clothes of the period and use the money of the day, the maravedí.

So if you have time to travel, I recommend you to visit Ribadavia , the capital of the Ribeiro region.


Monday, November 07, 2005


This is a big Football that is in the city of Barcelona which has been built in 1992 for the Olympic Games. Currently it is used by the Espanyol of Barcelona team. It has seats for over fifty thousand people. It is formed by the Football pitch and the track around. It is located near the top of Montjuic hill. And from there you can see a wonderful landscape. This Stadium is not as big as the Camp Nou Stadium but it has a good history because for the Olympic Games were celebrated there. I like this Stadium because it has very beautiful details: it has a big watch at the top of the Stadium. I liked to be there because i had the feeling that I was in a very interesting place.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I like so many places in spain but my favourite and the most beautiful one is Tui, where I live.
Who doesn´t dream with a calm city nowadays?If you´re looking for entertainment you can find it in Tui: beautiful sceneries with many green gardens and a monumental zone in which you can visit the marvellous cathedral.
When we talk about accommodation , Tui has many hotels, aparthotels and one fantastic and comfortable parador in which you´ll be well received.
What wouldn´t you give for a dream to come true?
You can visit another country and culture because Tui is bordered to Valença do Minho, Portugal.
Tui will not fail you, Tui is the place where dreams come true, where the Miño river, the Aloia hill and the sky mix together in one beautiful and single piece...
By Paula from Tui.