Monday, October 17, 2005


As I’ve not been to any real interesting place in Spain (I don’t find Zamora or Barcelona interesting enough), I will write about Tunisia. It’s not like I would recommend it, but as it is the only foreign place I’ve been to, I’m going to write about Tunisia.

Tunisia is located in north-eastern Africa, just south of Italy, and it is a good and cheap destination for people that seek out sun and beach along with something else.

There you can find a nice variety of landscapes. The first is the coast line, which is aimed at beach tourists, with lots of hotels, discos and tourist facilities. But the fact is that those places seem somewhat rushed, there are lots of hotels under construction and even the hotel where I resided seemed not to be 100% finished. When it’s done it will be a top destination for sure, but we’ll have to wait at least 5 years.

The second environment lies to the southern region, next to the Sahara desert. This place is a lot more “Arabic”, and much poorer. The best it has to offer is a lot of tours by jeep or even by camel through the Sahara desert, the salt desert, oasis or visiting the markets, where gambling is the rule, you can get anything of its starting cost.

And at last there is the capital city, which is very similar to any European city; democracy and our influence are shown there. There not much to see there, except the biggest market in the country.

About the people… well, there is much left to be desired here. If they can cheat you in any way, they WILL… if they can make jokes out of you between them just in front of you by speaking Arabic, they WILL… Let’s hope they change their mind as their tourist count increases with the time.

Pedro A. Gómez Blanco – 2º Turismo