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Santillana del Mar is a historical jewel of the noble Cantabria, in Santander.
Santillana del Mar is near the sea. .The town is between extensive meadows and corn fields.
Santillana del Mar is located on the road, along the coast, which leads from Torrelavega to San Vicente de la Barquera, near from Santander.
Santander is the capital of the province.
In this town, there is a Monastery very famous in which remains of Santa Juliana are kept.
Santillana del Mar has conserved this historical nature until the present.
Always lovers of art and history have been in this town.
Traditional monuments are important part of this town.
Santillana del Mar has a church. The interior of the church is rectangular with three naves. Of special interest are the spires with vegetal decoration, others with human or animal figures.
In this church, the main altar is much higher and also it has important things of the past.
Two religious buildings must be mentioned, the Monastery of Regina Coeli (founded by the Dominicans) and the convent of San Ildefonso (occupied by Dominicans sisters).
In Santillana del Mar also, we can see the Tower of D. Borja Barreda.
Santillana del Mar has a national parador “Gil Blas” and there are many fine restaurants, campings and interesting zoo.
Obviously, Santillana del Mar is a natural scenery.
This is the best place for to visit. Here, there isn´t pollution. This place is pure nature.


At 4:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I`ve been there this summer and I'm still impressed ofhow beautiful is the village: there`s any new building, all of them are made of stone and wood; the streets are very clean (even when you can`t see a rubber tin);there are plants in all the houses...And the thing that surprised me more: there are no traffic signals!
But there`s a thing thatI don`t like: you have the impression of been in a film, because there is no normal life in the village, everything is made for tourists.

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that your article is quite good and you mention several important monuments that there are in this city and you also tell about its situation and its resources.
I've been in Santillana in the summer of 2001 and when I was there I was surprised because in the streets there are only tourists, it seemed that nobody lived there.
A thing that attracts my attention and you don't mention is the medieval museum; it contains many instruments of torture.

By 2110


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