Monday, October 10, 2005

San Peter of Rocas

San Peter of Rocas is placed in the middle of the forest and it has a difficult access road ,this road is very old and narrow, near the town of Esgos.
Esgos is a small and beautiful town where a lot of people lived of the great number of people that go to visit the monastery.
Esgos is to the north of Galicia, approximately 20 kilometres from Ourense, it is an important city of Galicia.
The Monastery of Rocas was built in the X century when a member of a religious order installed here his house. the monastery was built in a rock .
At begining the life in the monastery was more difficult for the monk.
This monk belong to the order of the Benedictinos and in this order the monk had to work and pray.
In the architecture ,we can say that San Peter of Rocas have three parts.
In one part you can see the cloister ,in the second part you can see the church ,it is a most beautiful and grandiose part of the built because it is the part that is building in the rock ,and finally you can see the cemetery which it is out of the house.In conclusion San Peter of Rocas was reconstructed for tourism in 1992 and you can visit the monastery whith a guide tourist which can speak a lot of languages.


At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Monastery of Rocas is impresionant. The place where It´s situated is wonderfull.
I advise everybody to visit it.



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