Monday, October 10, 2005


In Spain, Madrid is a big city and it´s the centre of our country.
It contains most of our history.
The city of Madrid has been the Court of the King of Spain since 1561. Madrid is packed with places that have been the privileged settings of Court activities during this time.
Madrid has important marks of the successive monarchs have left on the city.
This city has good and historical art. One of Madrid´s most traditional areas, it´s “Paseo del Prado”. In this area of city, you can find three important museum : The Prado Museum, The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and The Reina Sofía National Museum Art Centre. The Royal Botanic Garden is also located in the Prado Museum.
Perhaps, Its bars are famous around the world, because in all city there is a scent of fried food in the air. It is typical of Madrid and I have checked it is true.
It is a pleasure to visit this city for many reasons. You can discover most of our culture and history.

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