Saturday, October 15, 2005


Visiting this reserve of species in danger can be contemplated, as in no another corner of Europe, the spectacle of a distant fauna: tigers, bears, lions, jaguars, elephants, rhinoceroses, giraffes, buffalo, cute... There are some spectacles with exotic birds, or the amusing dolphins are some of the additional attractions of Cabárceno. The park is found situated inside the territory of the municipalities of Villaescusa and Penagos, fauna and flora from the world to only 17 kilometres of Santander. The best way to arrive is since the freeway. The park counts on lakes where to practice the fishing, spaces prepared for it camped and a very extensive space to enjoy, to practice the sport of the bicycle or to pass the day with the family seeing the park since the car. The enormous extension that occupies Cabárceno almost obliges to visit it with the car if did not you give- we put of too much time. On the other hand, to carry out a tranquil visit, walking through this great green belt and natural can be the major delight for the senses and to enjoy the tranquillity of one of the parks more important and beautiful of Spain. I recommended visiting this place because I stayed there some years ago and I passed a great day in the nature and I saw lots of animals.


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