Monday, October 17, 2005

My favourite place in Spain.

My favourite place in Spain is the National Park of The Cies islands because in this place you can do many things and you are always in contact with nature.

The archipelago of The Cies islands are formed by three islands: the island of the Faro, The North island and the San Martiño island or the South island.

The climate of the islands is good to have a rest relax

The best time to visit these islands is the summer because if you want to stay on the islands several days you must camp.

You can walk along the countryside, you can swim, you can dive…

I enjoy photographing landscapes and the Cies islands present many opportunities for spectacular photography because it is a place in which the man´s hand hasn´t made many things yet.

If you go in a group you`ll enjoy more than if you go alone

I recommend to any visitor who travels to Galicia to visit the Cies islands.

By Pedro Quintas


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