Monday, October 17, 2005


I want to dedicate this article to the “Coast of Death” in Galicia.
When you ask people about the principal tourist destinations in Spain, you normally can hear: Barcelona, Costa del Sol, White Coast, Baleares Islands or Canarias…but I think that the “Death Coast” is very special. This place has a great tradition and a lot of celebrations, most of all in saints’ honor.
According to my experience, I can recommend you to go to Muxía in September because the “Virgen de la Barca” celebration takes place in this month. Don’t forget that if you go to this celebration, you have to visit the famous stone because the legend says that it moves alone; just with the Virgin power. Then, you can eat lucky biscuits that some elderly women sell next to the church.
You can also choose to go to “Finisterra” and see the spectacular scenery: the big waves beating against the rocks, the green and large plains, some typical animals of the region like dairy cows and the enormous ocean that drowned many sailors’ lives.
Of course, you can’t leave this place before tasting its traditional and incomparable cooking. I advise you to eat, if the weather is cold, the stew called “cocido gallego” or the original pie called “empanada” if you prefer to eat something rather light but nutritious too.
Finally, if you decide to stay still a few days, you can find accommodation in many hotels and hostels too but I recommend you to stay in a rural house because there are a lot of them, cheaper or expensive, but everyone is unique and beautiful.
Come to the Coast of Death and see it with your own eyes; you are going to be fascinated like me!


At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love your article. I think as you that the Coast of Death is something special that only if you see it with your eyes, you can understand what you feel. It’s a very beautiful village with a lot of places to discover. I recommend everybody to visit it.

At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you, the Death Coast is a very special and beautiful place, but you can see dairy cows anywhere in Galicia.Furthermore, it is not a true that the biscuits that you mencioned bring luck.These biscuits are sold in all celebrations or street markets.


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