Monday, October 10, 2005

"Cultura Quente"

“Cultura Quente” is one of the most important rock music festivals in Galicia. It is in Caldas de Reis and, on the other hand, Caldas is an important thermal village of Spain.
The festival takes place in July every year. There is 2 days with 12 hours full of good music in the famous oak grove of the town.
The concerts receive 7000 people by day, and every year the number of people increases. It has lots of important groups of music such as Deluxe, Dover…even international groups as The Jeevas or Danco Jones. It is completely free and you can go with all your friends because the city council prepares two big areas to camp; it is free for all the visitors, of course!
“Cultura Quente” is known as a rock festival but it has many different kinds of music, for example pop, garage, folk, beat…
Furthermore, there is a group of people in the town who make lots of art in the streets that symbolize the hatred to the wars, the terrorism…; every year they elect the main topic and they prepare poems, statues…
To conclude, I can tell you: I go every year and I think that it is a striking mixing of different races, habits…and you can meet lots of people, to listen good music and visit an important town in the Galician geography as Caldas de Reis.

Vanesa Fuentes


At 2:47 AM, Blogger E. Sailor said...

I really love your article.
I never stay in this rock music festival but after read your aticle I´d like to go. There´re a lot of groups of music and furthermore this festival is free! It´s a good option to meet people and sing all day.
It´s an interesting blog.

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