Monday, October 10, 2005


My favourite place is Barcelona. It is in the northeast of Spain and it is placed near the Mediterranean Sea.
I like this city because it is very interesting for me, it has many monuments to visit, for example the Sagrada Familia, the Güell Park, the Ramblas, the Cristobal Colon statue at the Port Vell, the magic fountain of Montjuic, the gothic district, the Royal Square and many good places. The Güell Park it is my favourite. It was designed by Antoni Gaudí, it was covered by pieces of mosaic. From here we can see the city in all its splendour. Antoni Gaudí was the author of most of the work of art of Barcelona
It is amazing for tourists; they have a good and great football stadium: it is the Camp Nou. The city has many beaches. All the year people go to Barcelona because it is very attractive both in winter and in summer.
Barcelona is full of people in the night too because tourists like parties, and there are many pubs, discos and parties in the open air.
I recommend people to go Barcelona once in their life because they would like to go back there and repeat the experience.

By: Peke


At 3:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes,I think that Barcelona has many interesant monuments. The Sagrada Familia church and Güell Park are my favourite places in this city.I think that this city captured the art very well, because these monuments are very beautiful. If you like the art,You can see many interesting things and I think that Antonio Gaudí was a very creative person.


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