Monday, October 10, 2005


Arnoia is located in Ourense in O Ribeiro’s region. It’s a very rich village by their cultivation of wine and pepper because it’s next to Miño’s river. There are several enterprises which make wine and sell it in the market or to other enterprises. It’s a very important point of the place economy.

You have so many things to do in Arnoia. You can stay in Hotel- Balneario Arnoia Caldaria where you can relax and you can enjoy a good meal, you can buy tipycal products, walk by the bank of the river, to travel in Catamarán trough Miño’s river, or make sports such as walking through the forest, archery... Hotel- Balneario is a hotel with a spa where you can make treatments of beauty, relax or health.

You can stay in Abadía- Arnoia Caldaria too. There you can enjoy of the landscape and to walk until the Spa along the river bank. The abadía were the place where lived priests formerly. Now it’is a very quiet place to rest.

The most famous in Arnoia is the “Festa do pemento”, a gastronomic party where you can eat peppers, and you can dance at night.

Besides, Arnoia is near Ribadavia, a village with an interesting historical culture.

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